Thanksgiving Dinner 2005
Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Residence of Roderick Moore, Belgrade


It took us a long time, battling our way through the romantic snowy night trying to find a taxi, to gather in Rod Moore's residence. After a warm welcome , our host made a knowledgeable introduction to the history of Thanksgiving celebration that is, as he put it, "probably the most favorite American holiday". Being one of the most eligible bachelors in Serbia and Montenegro, Rod received an appropriate present advertising supreme qualities of Belgrade women...

In what was probably one of the most moving moments so far since establishment of our young club, we welcomed Alex Simitch BA '48 MBA '51, the oldest ("but only because of years" - A.S.) HAA member from the former Yugoslavia. Coming from Paris, where he has been living for the past 35 years, he brought with him a distinguished air of experienced gentlemanly perspective of the world and regional affairs. We were honored to have Mr Simitch with us.

As promised, we had two oversized turkeys for dinner, deliciously cooked, with enough wine, stories and engaged discussions to make this snowy evening the most memorable one.