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Thursday, 08 December 2005






WHAT: Harvard Debate: “The Rights of Displaced Serbs in Southeastern Europe in light of European Integration”

WHERE: OSCE Mission, Bulevar Mira 26, Dedinje

WHEN: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 11-12.30

Serbia and Montenegro has been a place of refuge for over 800,000 people from the region who in the past 14 years had to leave their homes and start a new life. Most are of Serbian ethnicity and mainly come from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia’s province Kosovo, currently under UN administration. Most of Kosovo’s Roma, as well as thirty other ethnicities have also been displaced. What they have in common is that they are all individuals who fell victim to war.

Dr Ozren Tosic, President of the Harvard Club: “This event is intended to develop awareness of individuals' rights and will stress importance of a regional approach to this human rights issue. The focus of discussion will be on freedom of movement, property rights, rights to equal access to social services, health care and education, and rights to citizenship.”

Harvard club Vice-President and moderator of this event, Ana S. Trbovich: “The plight of the refugees and other displaced people has frequently been exploited in politics on the account of basic human rights. At the same time, this issue is scarcely discussed and reported in public. Even the human rights activists do not seem to have paid it sufficient attention. For this reason, the Harvard Club of Serbia and Montenegro, as a non-political non-governmental organization decided to bring this issue to the fore.”

The Harvard debate on “The Rights of Displaced Serbs in Southeastern Europe in light of European Integration” will host panelists from different countries, from Italy to Sweden, including Oliver Ivanovic, Member of Kosovo Parliament Presidency, Maurizio Massari, Head of OSCE Mission to Serbia and Montenegro, Harvard Fellow ’97, Mario Nenadic, Assistant Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milica Pavlov, President of the Serbian Self-Government in Hungary, Milorad Pupovac, Member of Croatian Parliament and Serbian Minority Representative, Peter Semneby, former Head of the OSCE Mission in Croatia, Savo Strbac, Director of Veritas Documentation Center, and Ozren Tosic, MPH ’96, former Serbian Commissioner for Refugees.

Ambassador Maurizio Massari, head of OSCE mission and active Harvard club member: “OSCE is very pleased to support this debate on an important human rights issue. We are working with our partners in the international community and the governments of Southeastern Europe to support implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration on Refugee Returns, in which the Governments of Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia agreed to develop roadmaps for resolving regional refugee issues by the end of 2006.”

The Harvard Club of Serbia and Montenegro (http://www.harvard-serbia.org.yu) gathers Harvard alumni and graduates of Harvard executive programs who live and work in Serbia and Montenegro, with a mission to serve as advocates and promoters of the role and values of Harvard University.


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