Thanksgiving dinner 2006
Monday, 20 November 2006

A wonderful thanksgiving event was hosted for the second time by Rod Moore. After welcome drinks and a speech from our gracious host we gathered round a blazing fire. Of especial note was our most senior member, Alex Simitch BA '48, HBS-MBA '51, who had flown for the second time from Paris especially for the event. We were also joined by HBS professor Louis Wells, who will be coming back again in 2007.

Thirty eight members, families and guests sat down to dinner. The food was outstanding - with sweet potatoes and American ice cream flown in specially from the States and two giant turkeys hand reared in Serbia we could not go wrong. The children were disappointed that we did not have snow this year, but a special dining area of their own and the run of the house made up for this. Afterwards a toast to the Titanic in Bermet - the desert wine from Serbia - rapidly becoming another tradition for the Harvard Club of Serbia. A great success and one which I hope we will repeat.