Fall Meeting in Cambridge Massachusetts
Friday, 28 October 2005

Fall Meeting in Cambridge Massachusetts October 27 – 29 2005

HCS&M President Ozren Tosic MPH’96 and Events Coordinator Mary Black MPH ‘90 at Harvard Alumni Association’s (www.haa.harvard.edu) Fall Meeting in Cambridge Massachusetts October 27 – 29 2005: “Demography as Destiny: The Changing Face of Our Democracy and Our University”



A BIG THANK YOU to Dr Luise Druke MPA ‘87, IAF '88, HLS VR'88, Harvard Alumni Association Regional Director for Europe, for her warm, and selfless support before and during this inspiring visit. Luise made sure that the presence of the HCS&M was felt by Harvard Club presidents from all over the world during this event.


The HAA meets annually each fall for a varied program of strategic and social events. This year the program focused on demographic transformations and their implications for the changing face of democracy and Harvard.  This is a great opportunity for networking and seeking out opportunities for the club and it was the first time that our club has been represented at this meeting.

David Ellwood, Dean of the Kennedy School of Government, spoke at the opening dinner on Thursday October 27 about the challenges and opportunities that arise from these changes and what may be done to develop effective public policy responses.  On Friday, October 28, William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid for Harvard College, was joined by Russell Berg, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Brit Dewey, Managing Director, MBA Admissions for the Harvard Business School, in a discussion about the changing demographics of Harvard’s applicant pool.  Additional presentations on the topic were made by an undergraduate panel at Friday’s luncheon.

At the Business Meeting on Saturday 29 October, HAA president, treasurer and chairs of committees and other HAA bodies, including Harvard Magazine were presented and approved.

After this we joined the Harvard College Fund Assembly to hear an address by the President of Harvard Lawrence H. Summers who gave an inspiring speech to all HAA Directors, club presidents and other alumni who attended the conference. Here are some highlights from his speech:

- applications for undergraduate studies at Harvard College are up by some 25% in 2005

- more than 22 % of college students come from parents with an annual income of less than US$ 40 000 and are on Harvard scholarships. I note that in the US standards, an income of 40,000 USD falls into the low-income bracket

- some of the Harvard libraries are now operating on a 24-hour basis,

- there is a new Silk Road Project at Harvard (http://www.silkroadproject.org/events/news/harvard.html)

- President said: “The bigger the lake in which to fish the better the result", and that this is what he hopes to achieve. In short, investing and giving to Harvard, both in good people and money, has a multiplier effect and is characterized by increasing returns on investments

- in 2004 about 950 undergraduate students went abroad for the summer, and it is hoped that soon, all will have an opportunity to do so.

In the question time after the President’s speech, Ozren Tosic MPH ’96, President of the HCS&M made a comment about increasing responsibility of the US in the World affairs and the role of Harvard as a leading American university. He asked – how international will Harvard get? The President welcomed this input and confirmed his vision towards increasing the proportion of international faculty and students at Harvard

Also, during the visit Ozren Tosic and Mary Black attended and asked questions at three international policy events at the Kennedy School of Government. If any members are interested in viewing these of any other debates they can be watched in streaming video

Attentive moderator Mary Black Luise Druke at the Kennedy School of Government
Luka and a Harvard grandfather Ozren Tosic giving presentation at the KSG


CARLA DEL PONTE, UN Chief War Crimes Prosecutor

Forum Video

Mary Black noted that Ms DelPonte was one of the longest standing international figures in connection with the Balkans and her motivation for keeping going, despite threats to her personal security, this allowed the speaker to make an unusually personal contribution to the evening.

November 1, 2005

“FORUM: GLOBAL HEALTH: Challenges and Policy Opportunities

A Public Address By:

CHRISTOPHER MURRAY, Richard B. Saltonstall Professor of Public Policy

Forum Video

After eloquent and straight to the point Dr Murray’s where he presented his eight point list of potentially most effective interventions in health care systems throughout the world Ozren Tosic emphasized that corruption in health care systems might be the biggest source of efficiency losses in transitional, developing and industrialized countries and explanation why some systems might be doing better for the same amount of health expenditure per capita.


"FORUM: Nonproliferation and Arms Control

Co-sponsored by: Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

A Public Address By:

MOHAMED ELBARADEI, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency

Forum Video

The Nobel Laureate and Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency gave an interesting presentation about nuclear weapons control. Mary Black pointed out that there was a dearth of women engaged in any aspect of this debate (except on the side of NGOs), a comment greeted with a round of applause by the packed audience.

At the Kennedy School of Government STARR Auditorium, on Monday 31 Oct. 2005, Ozren Tosic, together with Luise Druke, gave two memorable presentations on Displaced populations in Balkan (the meeting was moderated by Mary Black):


1. Social sector development in Serbia with a focus on health sector and marginalized groups and the work of the Commissariat for Refugees in Serbia

Speaker: Dr. Ozren TOSIC, MPH ’96, Former Commissioner for Refugees in Serbia and President of the Harvard Club of Serbia and Montenegro

2. Refugee Protection and Integration in Bulgaria

Speaker: Dr. Luise DRUKE, MPA ’87, IAF’88, HLS VR’88, Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Bulgaria Oct. 2000 through June 2005, currently HAA Regional Director Europe and PHRJ Visiting Scholar, MIT


This event, thanks once again to Luise Druke, had multiple sponsors and was attended by a range of students and staff, including some possible future members of our club:

* KSG Mid Career Program and the KSG Alumni Office

* Harvard University Committee on Human Rights Studies

* Carr Center for Human Rights Policy

* HLS Human Rights Program

* MIT Program on Human Rights and Justice and the Inter-University Committee on International Migration
* Fletcher Round Table on Refugees and Forced Migration

* Kokkalis Program at the Kennedy School

* Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, HSPH

Following up on President Boris Tadic’s recent visit to Harvard and his meeting with HU president Larry Summers.

We discussed briefly with President Summers, president Tadic’s initiative for the creation of a fund for students from Serbia to study at Harvard. This was promptly followed up by the coordinator of the Kokkalis program. Kokkalis is the only HU department focused on the region and served as host of Tadic's visit as well as facilitated the Summers-Tadic meeting. We’ll keep you posted.

The Harvard-Dartmouth football match on the afternoon of Saturday 29th October started in sunshine and ended in snow. We watched Harvard trash the much weaker opposition enlivened by the band, the banter and the bagels we had brought with us (forgetting that at Harvard you are never far from food). Eventually it all just got too cold so we left without hearing the final astronomic success by Harvard, a foretaste of what is expected when Harvard meets Yale in the biggest match of the season later in the year. As ever, the alumni association were well organized, with a buffet lunch, tickets and parking at the business school. This is one of the most popular events of the alumni calendar and one where you can wear the crimson, cheer and stand up when the crowd does, even if you cannot quite follow the game. Luka (aged 8) was treated to a long tutorial on the rules by a keen Harvard grandfather.

The parent’s weekend church service in Memorial church on Sunday 30 October in the centre of the main campus was packed out. The tradition of parents at college for the weekend is a long one. The Reverend Peter J. Gomes, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey. Minister was in fine and booming form and treated congregation to a well-timed sermon on the theme "do not worry" (about the wrong things). He is now an ecclesiastical superstar, with long lines waiting to greet him after church and hard copies of his latest book of sermons on sale in the porch.

Lunch with former chief Marshal Richard Hunt. Richard Hunt was perhaps the best loved of Harvard Chief Marshals and oversaw the impressive graduation ceremony each year that several of our members have experienced. He sends his warm greetings to the Harvard club and offered several useful suggestions for future collaboration with Harvard.